WHO wants to eliminate trans fats from processed food by 2023

Within five years from now, the World Health Organization (WHO) wants to ban all trans fats from all food. So was announced by the organization earlier this week. The New York Times applauds the initiative. Possible side effects are not paid attention to.

This week the WHO launched the initiative REPLACE, a multiple step program to worldwide eliminate all trans fats from food. Creating awareness of the negative influence of trans fats on our health and replacing processed products with healthier varieties are two parts of the plan. Trans fats will mainly be found in processed foods like hard margarine and fats for frying and baking and they can increase the risk of diabetes type 2 and cardiovascular diseases. For this reason, the WHO calls for consumers, corporations, and professionals to enter the thought process on the new guidelines for saturated fats and trans fats.

In an opinion article, the New York Times applauds the decision of the WHO. The newspaper thinks plant-based oils are a far more healthy option than the cheaper hardened fats which are easy to process in storable products. The harmful side effects or otherwise of these products has been widely discussed in the media. In The Netherlands food technologist professor Tiny van Boekel pointed out the harmful side effects of liquid frying oil, because of the risk for cancer that is taken to diminish the risk for cardiovascular diseases. Also already for more than two decades, there’s a discussion going on about the question whether a large-scale introduction of plant-based fats in our menus will create more inflammatory infections and thus will create affluence diseases.

Source: Foodlog

More information on REPLACE can be found here.

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