VPRO Tegenlicht: meat cultivators

The tv program VPRO Tegenlicht about meat cultivators will be broadcast on Sunday, May 27. The tv show will throw light on both sides, advocates and opponents will be heard. “Cultivated meat is real. It exists, and we can make it. The question is: do we really want it?”

Entrepreneur and meat cultivating pioneer Willem van Eelen saw that despite the burden for the environment most people keep eating meat. A lot of people just like it.  Globally the demand for meat still increases. So he came up with ‘in vitro meat’. After his passing, his daughter Ira in 2017 got in touch with Josh Tetrick, CEO of the young Silicon Valley company Just. This company purchased the patents of ‘in vitro meat’ and is now ready to produce and sell in vitro meat.

This does not automatically imply that the cultivated meat will also be marketed in Holland. As said, there are opponents. The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport considers in vitro meat as a so-called ‘novel food’. The Vegetarische Slager/Vegetarian Butcher thinks it is ‘an unnecessary intermediate step in producing high protein food’.

The makers of in vitro meat are of the opinion that meat made of cultivated stem cells is ultimately sustainable, and the production needs less soil, water, and energy. Also, it is completely in line with food safety and no animals have to be butchered.

Tegenlicht airs Sunday, May 27, 21.05 hrs NPO2

Source: EMVI

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