Using Linkedin for industrial sales & marketing

While social media can no longer be ignored as a tool in consumer marketing, they¬†are by no means valued.the same in the business-to-business market. You can still focus on business from existing contacts and cold canvassing. “That’s how I did it,” says Perry van Beek. “But when the crisis started in 2008 and many customers did not need my services anymore, I could only survive by using Linkedin.” Van Beek became the ‘the Linkedin expert of the Netherlands’. Now he supports companies and account managers by teaching them how to attract new customers through Linkedin. His book ‘Linkedin Sales Navigator for Dummies’ is a bestseller.

What should you definitely not do if you want to attract customers via Linkedin?
“Many people try to sell via Linkedin. That is counterproductive. There are still many account managers who make connection requests without a personal message. The 10% who accept the request immediately receive a sales pitch: ‘Can we meet to talk business?’. That is not how it works, of course. People do business with people they know, like and trust. You have to build a relationship and Linkedin is suited to accomplish that. It is social medium, not a sales platform. Make the connection and invite your potential customers to respond. When will you get this response? If you give them something that is of value to the receiver instead of to you. You have to share good content, tailored to their needs. If they respond, you can try to get them on the phone and make an appointment. Often the sales talk starts when you are actually facing each other.” Read more

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