Unilever takes over The Vegetarian Butcher

“Next step is to become the largest butcher in the world”

For Unilever, the acquisition fits seamlessly into the strategy to expand the portfolio with plant-based foods that are healthier and have a lower impact on the environment. In addition, Unilever is responding to the growing consumer trend ‘a day without eating meat’. For De Vegetarische Slager (The Vegetarian Butcher) the takeover is in line with the growth ambition to become ‘the largest butcher in the world’ and thus make the bio-industry superfluous. Founder Jaap Korteweg: “The international network of Unilever in 190 countries gives us all the possibilities”.

Jaap Korteweg, ninth generation farmer and great meat lover, became a vegetarian and founded The De Vegetarische Slager in 2007 based upon his own need for tasty meat that does not require any animals. De Vegetarische Slager’s products are sold through more than 4,000 sales outlets in 17 countries. According to Jaap, the acquisition by Unilever comes at the right time. “We want to take the next step, go global. Our mission is to make vegetable meat the standard. It is great that these ambitions are gaining momentum with Unilever.”

Unilever and De Vegetarische Slager have been working together since 2016. They then launched the vegetarian meatballs in peanut and tomato sauce under the brand Unox. Read more

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