Too Good To Go app

Two months after the launch of the app Too Good To Go, more than 50 locations where you can ‘save’ a meal are available in the app. In 3 months time, more than 1500 meals have been ‘saved’.
Food waste
Too Good To Go fights food waste in Amsterdam. The app connects consumers with shops, restaurants and hotels in order to sell superfluous food for a reduced price instead of throwing it away.  Too Good To Go is already active in 8 European countries. In total, 3,3 million meals have been saved. In The Netherlands, the organization wants to spread its wings to Rotterdam and Utrecht.
Taskforce Circular Economy in Food
Food waste is an important topic. Last week the Taskforce Circular Economy in Food was presented and minister Schouten allocated 7 million Euro to address this problem. The Dutch throw out between 1.7 and 2.5 million tons of food. The ambition is to reduce this amount by 50% and make The Netherlands front-runner again in the fight against food waste.
App Too Good To Go
The app Too Good To Go is available for free download in the App Store and Google Play Store. Within the app, consumers can order a Magic Box with food from local shops, restaurants, hotels, and bakeries. The discount may run up to 70%.
Source: EVMI

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