Together against food waste

The Taskforce Circular Economy in Food has announced that by 2030 food wastage in The Netherlands should be reduced by 50%. This announcement was given in De Verspillingsfabriek in Veghel last week. Large corporations, knowledge institutes, and the government want to be front-runners in Europe in the battle against food waste.
Daily supermarkets throw out 425.000 loaves of bread. On a whole food waste in The Netherlands totals 5 billion Euro annually; half of that amount is caused by the productions chain, growers, and retail, the other half by consumers. This comes down to 150 Euro per head of population. By 2030 food waste should be reduced by 50%. This way The Netherlands will not only comply with the sustainable development goal  12.3 set by the United Nations, they will also be the first European country to achieve this.
In order to achieve this goal a coalition has been formed of companies, civil organisations, universities and research bodies and the Dutch government: the Taskforce Circular Economy in Food counts 25 members, among which are McDonald’s, Albert Heijn, Google, DSM, Lamb/Weston Meijer, Wageningen University & Research and the ministry. This is the first time a collaboration of this scale has been presented on this subject.
Source: EVMI
Related to this subject we received a press release on 18 entrepreneurs who offer a solution for food waste in collaboration with MVO Nederland. On March 13 they launched the platform “Verspilling is Verrukkelijk” (wastage is delicious). With this platform, the initiative shows ways to end food wastage.
The coöperating parties develop and sell tasteful and beautiful products made off ingredients that normally would be thrown out or processed into cattle feed or biogas. The message is: food is too valuable to waste. They present all kinds of sophisticated products they have developed for this purpose. For example, soup made of quirky vegetables (Kromkommer), beer made from stale bread (Instock) or soap made of orange peel (Beeblue).

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