Think, Learn, Act for purposeful food and packaging

To feed their growing interest in a healthy and sustainable world, more and more consumers demand purposeful foods and packaging, challenging the entire food chain, from retailers to recyclers and from food manufacturer to design agencies, to strike a serious balance between profit, people and Mother Earth. To meet this challenge old and young generations of food technologists and marketers must work together. Where old and new insights meet, food production will acquire a new purpose.

On Thursday the 1st of November marketing and technology students and food industry employers will gather at the Young IFFI Event in Utrecht. Under the title ‘Purposeful foods’ the new generation of food innovators will meet current professionals to explore mutual purposes and perspectives.

Today’s article in the EVMI newsletter about Lifelong Learning in Packaging emphasizes the need for tackling food-related challenges in every step of the food chain and by using the wisdom of all generations.

“Training more students in mainstream education and stimulating employees to continuously acquire knowledge of new developments in the packaging field. This is the only way to achieve our environmental objectives in the Netherlands in terms of packaging, “says Michaël Nieuwesteeg of the NVC Netherlands Packaging Center. The packaging sector is preparing itself for a number of major challenges in the coming years.

In addition to environmental problems, there are numerous other challenges that, according to the NVC, can be tackled jointly. For example, packaging will play an important role in, among other things, improving care, supporting responsible consumption, sustainably growing e-commerce and creating new, more effective supply chains.” (read the complete EVMI article)

 More information on the Young IFFI event can be found on our website


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