Sweet reductions lead to sweet successes

The theme of our upcoming Masterclass Innovations is sweet reductions. Together with industry experts from FrieslandCampina, Kraft Heinz, Vrumona and Peijnenburg and Robèrt van Beckhoven we will explore the possibilities in technology and marketing. The IFFI Masterclass Innovations will take place on 28-29 June in Oisterwijk.

Reducing sugar in food and beverages is a hot topic. IFFI has invited Vrumona to share knowledge and experiences regarding sugar reduction in beverages. In anticipation of this story we would like to emphasize the positive results Dutch soft drink manufacturers already achieved in sugar reduction with highlights from an article published by the Dutch Soft drinks, Waters & Juices association (FWS):

Soft drink branch reaches the goal sooner and by a higher number: calorie reduction -20%
Dutch producers of soft drinks have reduced 20% calories in 2017 compared to 2012. As we can learn from the monitoring report on 2017 sales, this is twice the percentage as agreed on by the government three years earlier.

Agreement on Improvement of Product Composition – fewer calories in soft drinks
In 2015 the FWS has made the commitment to reduce the number of calories per 100 ml in soft drinks by 10% between 2012 and 2020. Since the eighties and especially in the last few years many light and zero varieties of soft drinks have been introduced. In addition to reformulating, smaller packs and a much more intensive promotion of light and zero soft drinks have paid off. At the beginning of 2017, the industry raised the objective to 15% and has now reached 20%.

Clarify misunderstandings about sweeteners
Challenges are all around, one of them the misperceptions about the use of sweeteners. The use of sweeteners which have been approved by all official authorities is key for further calorie reduction. Raymond Gianotten, director FWS: ”The industry is working on a good awareness of sweeteners, however, this is as much a responsibility for the government and organizations like the Voedingscentrum/Nutrition association. This is not only important for soft drinks (average 4% of total calorie consumption), but for other products as well.”



Additional information, infographic: Infographic vergelijking suikerreductie in het VK en Nederland -DEF

For more information on the Masterclass Innovations 28-29 June please click here.

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