From sweet reductions to sweet successes | IFFI MC Innovations

The IFFI Masterclass Innovations is dedicated to sugar reduction. IFFI members and invitees from the food ingredients industry who are interested in sugar reduction – without compromising taste and texture – are welcome to join. The Masterclass offers a unique possibility to share and develop strategic and tactical insights with colleagues from the food ingredients industry, facilitated by Master Patissier and Master Boulanger Robèrt van Beckhoven as well as industry-leading experts.

The Masterclass includes three interactive modules:

  • Module 1 is dedicated to defining the new tastes with less sugar: three industry experts will elaborate on their successes with sugar reduction and offer a new perspective on food innovation!
  • In module 2 you will discover the artisanal craft of ‘less is more’ with Master Patissier Robèrt van Beckhoven, exploring the boundaries of sugar in confectionery and patisserie!
  • Module 3 is dedicated to finding solutions for reducing sugar in food and  drinks, inspired by the latest innovations of food manufacturer Peijnenburg.

Click here for more information, a detailed programme and online registration.


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