Stream valorization of potatoes and pigs

Over the years the Dutch food ingredients industry has proven to be able to process and refine raw materials into all kinds of ingredients with different functionalities. Raw materials and side streams have been fully differentiated into wide product assortments allowing each single ingredient to be marketed at an optimal value. However, the downturn effect of differentiation will be an increased complexity in operations implying that production costs will go up!

What will be the impact of stream valorization on the production configuration of operations? AVEBE and Darling Ingredients will share their insights and experiences from a product management and development point of view during the IFFI Masterclass Operations on 8 and 9 March 2018.

Interested in joining this Masterclass? We have a few seats left for participants from the food ingredients and food systems industries so do not hesitate and register before 1st of March.

For more information or online registration please go to the IFFI Masterclass Operations webpage.


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