Ruitenberg Ingredients: fibre structure makes you forget real meat

Savory fillings for bakery products and animal-friendly protein sources with that characteristic fibre structure of real meat. Ruitenberg Ingredients focus lies on niche markets with added value in the international markets for ingredients and semifinished products. A new product is Rudin ProVega: the fibre structure of this meat replacer has to make us forget chicken, pulled pork and pulled beef.

On April 13, members of the IFFI network visited Ruitenberg Ingredients in Twello. A well-timed visit, as the visitors were able to be introduced to a new development Ruitenberg has launched recently, Rudin ProVega. A very meat-like fibre structure makes people think they are eating real meat instead of a plant-based alternative.

Ruitenberg Ingredients joined IFFI network only recently, triggered by meeting topics as innovation and sharing knowledge with other partners. “We are proud to show our innovation center to the other IFFI members.”

Read the full article as published in EVMI magazine here.

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