RIVM wants less salt and sugar in food

An adult Dutchman daily absorbs an average of 8,7 grams of salt and 114 grams of sugar. That is well over the consumption standards. That’s why a new integrated system needs to be developed that provides the products we eat on a daily basis with new recipes. Salt and sugar will have to diminish quickly.

RIVM published this yesterday. State Secretary Paul Blokhuis (VWS -Health, Welfare, and Sport) already complained last December that there’s not enough progress in making our average food consumption healthier through the food industry and trade. The RIVM suggests new structures to change this.

On the website of RIVM factsheets can be found on the effects of lower salt and sugar contents in our food. At this moment the factsheets are only available in Dutch. A third download is a report/advice by the Committee Product Improvement.

Source: EMVI

RIVM wil meer zout en suiker uit het eten

RIVM https://www.rivm.nl/Documenten_en_publicaties/Algemeen_Actueel/Nieuwsberichten/2018/Akkoord_leidt_tot_kleine_verbetering_van_inname_zout_en_suiker

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