New business opportunities to do more and better business

The annual IFFI meeting programme offers an inspiring mix of thematic dinner meetings for members and invitees, members-only company visits, strategic executive council meetings and events like the bi-annual Ingredients Event and the bi-annual Young IFFI Event.

Focal points are:

  • Inspire to be inspired
  • By sharing views and experiences
  • Resulting in identified business opportunities

Dinner meetings

Three dinner meetings are organized by IFFI throughout the year, based upon the three domains of interest: Markets, Innovation and Operations. The dinner meetings are proceded by a company visit (members-only) the next day .

IFFI events

At the IFFI Ingredient Events trendwatchers, innovation experts, leading industrials and inspirational speakers from NGO’s in the Netherlands and abroad share their visions on how the ingredients industry can contribute to tackle global food challenges. In 2018 we added a new event, dedicated to bridging the gap between food related education and the food ingredients industry. The success of the 2018 event will have a follow-up in 2020. In the meanwhile students are also invited to dinner events and the IFFI Ingredients Event 2019.

Executive Council (EC) meetings

In two or three executive council meetings the senior management members share experiences on corporate topics and discuss the full potential of IFFI.

Other meetings

Additional meetings (bilateral and multilateral) are organized by and between the members to develop more knowledge and share views within a certain area.