Meeting impression: Barilla team visits IFFI members 15-17 April 2019

After the Executive Council trip to Barilla last year, Mr. Corrado Ferrari, senior Manager Product Development, and Mrs. Claudia Berti, Research Director in Barilla Global Discovery Center, flew to our country on the 15th of April for a counter visit. In 2,5 days the Barilla team visited our members Cosun, Bunge Loders Croklaan, Corbion, Ruitenberg Ingerdients and Scelta Mushrooms, travelling through all corners of the Netherlands. DSM Food Specialties and Unicorn Grain Specialities joined them during dinner.

Both Barilla and IFFI look back on a successful visit with great pleasure, as is also apparent from the comments and photos below.
“Thank you very much again for your welcome and perfect organization. I think it was a very fruitful trip, we are just back at work after easter break and have plenty of follow-up to do!”

Claudia Berti, Research Director in Barilla Global Discovery Center

“The Barilla visit was well-timed for us and went very well.
Thanks to Halbe and Margriet for organizing this, I know it was a huge job.”
Renee Boerefijn, Director of Innovation at Bunge Loders Croklaan
“The visit was really good. Thanks to that, Barilla got Corbion known much better. We had already some contact, however this event gave the opportunity to dig down in what they are focused on/need, what we can do, and we’ll follow up on some activities together in next months. We are also thrilled by the opportunity to visit Dr. Oetker in July this year.
Thank you for the organization and all the support given, and I’m looking forward to the next trip.”

Domenico Vulcano , Director RDA ESA at Corbion

“Thank you, Halbe and Margriet, for organizing this visit. It was a good, open and informative visit. Organizing more of these events is/can be very interesting for the IFFI members. For Cosun it certainly was.”
Arno Pouls,General Manager at Cosun Innovation Center

“We from Ruitenberg Ingredients look back on a very pleasant and fruitful visit of Barilla. We are very positive on this initiative from IFFI and would like to thank Halbe and Margriet for the perfect organisation. Special thanks to Renee who had the initial contact with Corrado Ferrari and was willing to share this with the other IFFI members!”
Ward van der Kaaij, Managing Director Ruitenberg Ingredients


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