Masterclass Operations 8 & 9 December 2016

Smart Operations

– how ICT runs our factories

The IFFI Masterclass ‘Smart Operations’ is scheduled for 8 & 9 December 2016. We look forward to welcome all members and invitees who are interested in Food Manufacturing 2.0.
Share strategic insights with guest speakers from a.o. DV Nutrition, DOC Kaas, Tetrapak en CSK Food Enrichment and experience flying a modern jet airliner from the Captain’s seat, with the aid of a qualified instructor. It is about as close as it gets to the real thing.

“The world is in anticipation of a fourth industrial revolution. This revolution is driven by giant leaps in ICT innovation and promises to radically alter the face of industry in the coming decades. Automated production systems using advanced robotics increasingly communicate with each other on detailed aspects of production, joining up hitherto fragmented manufacturing processes. By linking all steps in the value chain, a world of possibilities opens for companies, old and new.” (source: Smart Industry).

In the privacy of the IFFI network participants will be introduced to the potential of new food manufacturing technologies. When will hardware and software be embedded phenomena in food manufacturing 2.0?

Target group

Operations and/or production managers, plant managers, process technologists, QA & QC managers, Innovation/R&D managers, supply chain managers, managers logistics, process engineers and all professionals involved in (smart) operations within the ingredient industry are invited to participate in the Masterclass ‘Smart Operations’.



Smart Maintenance – Thursday, 8 December 2016
Location: Oude Toren, Stationsplein ZW 602, 1117 CN Schiphol-Oost

Innovations in technology drastically change the way maintenance is organized and therefore add value to our businesses! During this module state-of-the-art technologies will be discussed within a business context of food ingredients manufacturing.

But how to put smart maintenance into practice and how to capture the added value?
• What are the trends and the impact of technology on preventive maintenance?
• Can 100% predictability of maintenance be achieved by internet of things?
• Which strategy is required to put smart maintenance into practice (optimization and use of technology)?

Afternoon and evening programme:

  • 12.30 hrs   Registration and light lunch
  • 13.30 hrs   Smart Maintenance
    An introduction by Lex Besselink, World Class Maintenance foundation
    Predictive Maintenance by Tim de Wolf, Koning en Hartman
    24/7 manufacturing and maintenance by Alex Hoekstra, DOC Kaas
  • 16.45 hrs   Wrap-up followed by flight simulator training
  • 19.30 hrs   Dinner, possibility to stay overnight at Steigenberger Airport Hotel

Smart Manufacturing – Friday, 9 December 2016
Location: Steigenberger Airport Hotel, Stationsplein ZW 951,1117 CE Schiphol-Oost/Amsterdam

The ‘Factory of the future’ is not developed overnight, it is an evolution of industrial systems in which ICT-enabled manufacturing and high performance manufacturing will become complementary. And sustainability becomes a additional bonus.

How will this affect the food processing industry and where can added value being captured?
• Will cost price leadership be possible for personalized food production n=1?
• Are ‘100% In Spec’ and ‘First Time Right’ manufacturing feasible in food processing?
• Which strategy is required to apply ICT and smart sensors in your manufacturing process?

Morning programme:

  • 09.00 hrs   Smart Manufacturing
    An introduction by Tom Bouws, Chamber of Commerce/Smart Industry
    Integrated automation into practice by Joris Scholten Linde & Reza Ghasemi, Tetrapak
  • 12.00 hrs   Wrap-up and lunch

‘Smart’ Operators – Friday, 9 December 2016

When production lines are automated increasingly and production processes are steered by data rather than skills, no doubt this will affect the way of working of operators. And it is up to the industry to equip them with additional skills.

But how to put ‘smart’ operators into practice and capture the added value over time?
• What is the required skillset of our operator today and what should it be tomorrow?
• How can food ingredient producers develop the required skillset of their operators?
• Which training and coaching methods (offline, online and ‘at the assembly line’) are used today by the food processing industry?

Afternoon programme:

  • 13.00 hrs   ‘Smart’ Operators
    An introduction by Arry Verhage, SOL
    Addressing new skills by Karin de Ruiter, CSK Food Enrichment
    Finding new talents by Peet Ferwerda, Nordwin College
  • 15.45 hrs   Wrap-up
  • 16.00 hrs   Formal closing and drinks



Guest speakers

Lex Besselink, Director Dutch Institute World Class Maintenance
L. Besselink WCM promotes ‘smart maintenance’ for the Dutch industry by developing, sharing and applying maintenance knowledge. WCM conducts cross-sector innovation, is involved in educational programs and has an active network in which asset owners, service providers, knowledge and research institutes and the government are participating.
Tim de Wolf, Smart Industry Consultant at Koning & Hartman
T. de Wolf The Koning & Hartman Smart Industry team aims to work closely with partners and frontrunners in the manufacturing market, combining commerce, technology, and innovation with a mixture of conceptual development, commercial rollout, business development, product management and data science.
Alex Hoekstra, Manager Quality & Development at DOC kaas
A. Hoekstra DOC Kaas is a leading Dutch cheese manufacturer of foil and nature ripened cheese with customers in retail, foodservice and industry. DOC Kaas has the ambition to grow in a number of selected international markets and to be in control over the complete supply chain, based upo a 24/7 manufacturing and maintenance strategy.
Tom Bouws, Accountmanager Smart Industry at Kamer van Koophandel
T. Bouws The Chamber of Commerce translates Smart Industry trends into concrete business opportunities for every business.
Joris Scholten Linde, Manager Sales at Tetra Pak Processing Systems and
Reza Ghasemi, Business Development Manager
J. Scholten LindeR. Ghasemi Tetra Pak Processing Systems provides process components and/or turn-key solutions for food production. Improving production efficiency, flexibility, safety and prolonging shelf life are main objectives.
Arry Verhage, Managing Director at SOL/ project leader HCA Food
A. Verhage SOL, training and development institute for the food industry, supports companies and sectors in the food industry to improve their performance and strengthen their competitiveness by focussing on the social and human capital ‘ingredients’ of food manufacturing.
Karin de Ruiter, HR manager at CSK Food Enrichment
K. de Ruiter CSK Food Enrichment supplies ingredients to the food industry with an emphasis on dairy products.
A new factory, hightech developments and an international growth ambition underline the need for smart operators.
Peet Ferwerda, project leader strategic policy MBO Lifesciences at Nordwin College
P. Ferwerda MBO Life Sciences is part of the Friesland College and Nordwin College, combining education in the areas of food, laboratory, water, environment and technology. This creates new powerful and unique educational opportunities.



Location 8th of December

schiphol-oostOude Toren Schiphol-Oost The fourth control tower at Schiphol was put into operation in 1952 and served until the opening of the current Schiphol-Centre in 1967. During the fifteen years that the tower was in use, six to ten flights per day were processed, with an average of 325 passengers per day. It now offers space for the Wings restaurant, meeting facilities and flight simulator trainings with a magnificent view over the airport.
Address: Oude Toren, Stationsplein ZW 602, 1117 CN Schiphol-Oost, routedescription-meeting-locations-and-hotel

Come fly with us…

schiphol-flightsimilatorFor everyone who has ever dreamed of becoming a pilot… this dream will become true in the Flight Simulator Training session! You will receive a briefing from a professional instructor. When ready to take off you will fly approx. half an hour in a Boeing 737 simulator or a Piper Chieftain simulator, while you immerse yourself in the role of captain and copilot.

Hotel accomodation + Location 9th of December

schiphol-steinbergerThe ****Steigenberger Airport Hotel Amsterdam is situated between Schiphol and the Amsterdamse Bos, near the A9. Masterclass participants will pay € 126,50 for a luxury room, single use including breakfast. Please use the online registration form to request a reservation.
Address: Stationsplein ZW 951,1117 CE Schiphol-Oost/Amsterdam, tel.+31 20 5400-777, routedescription-meeting-locations-and-hotel



The IFFI Masterclass includes dinner, lunch, refreshments and flight simulator training and exclude accommodation (€ 126,50 including breakfast). Participation costs for non-members are € 950,–, excluding VAT. Participation costs for IFFI colleagues are covered by the membership fee.
However, for cancellation of participation after 17 November we have to charge you € 300,–. Hotel reservations cancelled after 11th of November will be charged 25-100%, depending on the number of days before the start of the Masterclass.

Please use our registration forms for members and non-members to register and request accommodation
before 15 November 2016.

We look forward to meeting you at Schiphol.

Registration members Registration non-members
Kind Regards,
Halbe Vogel

Margriet Dekker
Communication & Organisation IFFI events
Mobile: 06-224 87 231

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