MC Innovations, 11 & 12 June 2015


Target group

Innovation managers, new business and marketing managers, R&D managers, product and market managers, application and process technologists as well as all IFFI members and colleagues from food ingredients manufacturers involved in open innovation.


In the privacy of the IFFI network managers and professionals will learn the potential of open innovation within the context of the food ingredient industry. Subsequently several techniques will be practiced to enhance open innovation processes within and between companies. Topics stem from the need for hands-on and ready-to-use open innovation tools and tricks. Insights and experiences will be shared among the participants. How can open innovation be facilitated between companies? How are professionals expected to communicate in on-line innovation processes? How can the need for innovative process technology of one company be addressed by many? In what way can the need for innovative process technology of one company be addressed by many? How to manage serendipity and make fortunate discoveries by accident? Attendants will have a better understanding how to put open innovation into practice!

For more information please download the Brochure_IFFI_Masterclass_Innovations_11&12June2015

Guest speakers

Huub Ritzema, Social media consultant at Atosatos_origin
The use of social media for open innovation purposes

Online sales of consumer products are increasing rapidly, business-to-consumer companies use internet and social media to anticipate to consumer needs and use the wisdom of the crowd for innovation purposes. Today, companies active in a business-to-business environment start to appreciate the benefits of using internet and social media for business purposes. How can social media be used by professionals to achieve the innovation goals of their company? Participants will be introduced to LinkedIn, a social networking site for business purposes, and discover its potential as an open innovation communication tool!

ISPT logoFrans van den Akker, Innovation Manager at ISPT
Addressing the individual need for process technology collectively

Process technology is one of the key strengths of the food ingredients industry, providing a competitive advantage either through operational excellence, customer intimacy or product leadership. Innovation in process technology is the key to provide a sustainable competitive advantage. How can the need for innovative process technology of one company be addressed by many companies? In other words, how can a network of companies help to fulfill the process technology needs of a single company? In this module the participants learn to appreciate and use the process technology competencies of other food ingredient producers.

frieslandcampina-logoWillem Posthouwer, Open Innovation manager FrieslandCampina and Willem Stortelder, Creativity Expert
Organize serendipity, making fortunate discoveries by accident

Stage-gate models and innovation funnel procedures are commonly used in the industry to facilitate the innovation process. Aiming for an – preferably predictable – output of successful innovations! The innovation process is highly pre-conditioned to exclude coincidence, as the process is meant to be efficient and highly effective in delivering a prescribed output of successful innovations. But in the meantime we all know, that the most valuable and breakthrough innovations do come by accident, just coincidentally. Can coincidence – serendipity – be managed? Participants will learn to manage the conditioning of serendipity to occur as part of the innovation process.

11 June 2015

  • 12.00 hrs Registration with lunch buffet
  • 13.00 hrs Session 1: Open Innovation – Communication
  • 17.00 hrs Evaluation and drinks
  • 18.30 hrs Visit to the FOODTOPIA exhibition at Boerhaave museum, followed by dinner
  • 22.30 hrs End of first day, accommodation available

12 June 2015

  • 09.00 hrs Session 2: Open Innovation – Technology
  • 12.00 hrs Lunch
  • 13.00 hrs Session 3: Open Innovation – Organization
  • 17.00 hrs Summary – Halbe Vogel, Secretary IFFI
  • 17.15 hrs Closing and drinks


The Masterclass programme, dinner and accomodation will be hosted in Leiden. If you wish to stay overnight, we will be happy to arrange a room for you in the Hilton Garden Inn Leiden.

Hilton Garden Inn Leiden The Hilton Garden Inn

Hilton Garden Inn Leiden is an award-winning, modern hotel in Leiden, the picturesque birthplace of Rembrandt and home to one of Europe’s oldest universities. The hotel is just ten minutes from Leiden town centre and easy accessible by car and train.

FOODTOPIA exhibition

Foodtopia_met_logo_GrootThe exhibition provides an overview of over one century’s worth of food innovations in the Netherlands. Guest curator Louise O. Fresco, Chair of the Executive Board of Wageningen UR, shows her personal top 10 of exciting innovations for the future. Ranging from algae appetizers to personal foods.
FOODTOPIA focuses on the challenge of providing 6 billion people with sustainable, high-quality food by the year 2050. In search of the answer, visitors take on the role of scientists in this exhibition. ‘The exhibition presents the story of food supply innovations in an accessible and attractive format thanks to the beautiful design, which stimulates the senses,’ according to Fresco.

Costs and registration

The IFFI Masterclass modules include dinner, lunch and refreshments and exclude hotel accommodation (€ 120,– including breakfast). Participation costs for non-members are € 950,- per module, excluding VAT. Participation costs for IFFI colleagues are covered by the membership fee. Reservations cancelled less than 7 days from the check-in time (12.30 hrs) will be charged 100%.

Registration members Registration non-members

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