Masterclass Markets 7-8 November 2019

Offline businesses in online markets

E-commerce in B2B food

The upcoming IFFI Masterclass Markets is dedicated to the digital transformation of marketing and sales disciplines in the international B2B food environment. We look forward to welcome all members and invitees who are interested in applying online marketing and social selling in their business practices. Don’t miss the opportunity to share and develop strategic and tactical insights with colleagues from the food ingredients industry, facilitated by top consultants and industry experts.

Target Group

Marketing directors, sales directors and sales managers, (key)account managers, market intelligence and consumer insight managers, marketing and communications professionals, market and business development managers and colleagues from the food (ingredients) industry who want to strive for commercial excellence in their current and future positions.


Thursday, 7 November 2019

Location Ouwehands Dierenpark, Grebbeweg 111, 3911 AV Rhenen
Module 1 Digital Transformation
12.00 hrs Registration with lunch buffet in Kalahari meetingroom
12.45 hrs Welcome and introduction participants by Halbe Vogel
13.00 hrs Online marketing in offline businesses, an introduction by Hans Molenaar
14.30 hrs Workshop ‘Verliefd op je klant’ including tour in zoo
16.30 hrs E-commerce in B2B environments, the Duynie case by Richard Corsmit
18.30 hrs Wrap-up, follwed by a shared dinner in Pandasia
21.00 hrs Closing formal programme, possibility to stay overnight in Hotel ‘t Paviljoen

Friday, 8 November 2019

Location ‘t Paviljoen Hotel, Grebbeweg 103-105, 3911 AV Rhenen, tel. 0317-619003
Module 2 Social Selling (interactive training session)
09.00 hrs Online Sales Excellence by Perry van Beek
10.30 hrs Break
11.00 hrs Sales Navigator in Practice by Perry van Beek
12.30 hrs Conclusions & wrap-up – including lunch
Module 3 E-commerce in whole sales
13.15 hrs Departure for Bidfood, Frankeneng 18, 6716 AA Ede, tel. 088-8008 900
14.00 hrs Welcome and introduction to Bidfood by Peter Terwindt
14.30 hrs Digital transformation in whole sales food
15.00 hrs Company tour
16.00 hrs Conclusions and evaluation – Halbe Vogel

Topics & guest speakers




Hans Molenaar, Director Beeckestijn Business School

Hans Molenaar, is an expert in in the field of B2B digital marketing and has been initiator of many marketing related activities such as the Marketingtrendrapport and Marketeer of the Year Award. Hans will provide us with the latest insighs from the academic world and best cases from the industry. Why to change your current business model? How to strengthen your value proposition by digitalizing your business processes? And what is the impact of the digital transformation on our B2B marketing discipline?

Richard Corsmit, CEO at Duynie Holding/ Board member Royal Cosun

The Duynie Group adds value to co-products from the food ingredients industry as a supplier to other manufacturers active in international food, petfood, feed and industrial applications. The Duynie Group applies innovative modifications to their products and services thriving to add value to their customers, suppliers and the environment. Duynie uses E-commerce to serve all partners in the value chain enabling smaller companies to benefit from commercial opportunities. What will be the impact of E-commerce on Duynies current business model and value proposition? And how does Duynie need to change their organization to grasp the new opportunities at hand? Richard will provide a very interesting insight in a changing B2B environment.

Perry van Beek, Linkedin Social Selling Expert, Social.One

Perry van Beek, author of Linkedin Sales Navigator for Dummies, trains sales people in the international B2B environment to use Linkedin successfully to generate leads, make appointments and influence buying decisions. Travelling around the world, spending high travel expenses and trying to get appointments with prospects who are too busy to see you. Is there another way? Yes, Sales Navigator helping you to meet your future customer online. How? You’ll experience it in this work session!

To the EVMI blog on Perry van Beek

Peter Terwindt, Partner Manager, Bidfood

Peter Terwindt, a digital marketing professional, has helped to transform Bidfood’s (former Deli XL) business model from a traditional whole seller to an online partner in the foodservice value chain. Today 95 % of the sales is being generated online! What will be the next big thing for Bidfood to strengthen its value proposition? What will be the impact of this digitalization on the supply of food ingredients? We will meet one of the leading whole sellers in the Netherlands!

Workshop: Verliefd op je klant

A workshop about customer focus. It seems that nobody is more important for an organization than the customer. Yet we all struggle with the question: how do we ensure that the customer returns? Can we learn something from biology here? The trainer takes you to the monkeys’ accommodation where apemanagement leads to surprising insights. The session is not only intended as a fun and exciting discovery at Ouwehands Zoo, it is more. You take the insights you gain into your own work environment and help you understand behavior. Who understands behavior can influence it more effectively and collaborate better.








On 18 June 1932, Ouwehands Zoo Rhenen opened its gates to the public for the first time, grown from a chicken farm into a zoo. In the past decades, the grounds have been extended to 22 ha and many modernisations were introduced. Since 2000, when the current owner took over the zoo, substantial investments were made in new projects, such as ‘Umkhosi’, with the rare white lions, ‘Apes on Stilts’, ‘Face-to-face’ with the polar bears, ‘Gorilla Adventure’, and Bear Forest Expedition, the latest project.

Address: Ouwehands Dierenpark, Grebbeweg 111, 3911 AV Rhenen; route description

‘t Paviljoen Hotel has a unique location in the middle of nature at the foot of the Grebbeberg. With special neighbors: right next to Ouwehands Zoo. Started in 1923 as “Paviljoentje”, a relaxation pavilion, where guests could freshen up when visiting the Grebbeberg, the completely renovated hotel has now become an ideal location for business visitors and nature lovers.

Address: ‘t Paviljoen Hotel., Grebbeweg 103-105, 3911 AV Rhenen, tel. 0317-619003, route description

Company visit

Welcome to Bidfood

Bidfood makes food professionals more successful. At the online marketplace every chef, cook and entrepreneur is connected to the best international and local offer. Simply ordered and delivered to the kitchen. The focus is entirely on the professional food world: from cafeteria to caterer, from canteen to healthcare institution and from hotel to restaurant. Above all, Bidfood is a people company. with a personal approach. Bidfood understands the unique wishes and challenges of every food professional like no other.

Address: Bidfood, Frankeneng 18, 6716 AA Ede, tel. 088-8008 900

Registration and accommodation

The IFFI Masterclass programme includes dinner and drinks and excludes eventual accommodation costs. Single rooms cost € 85,00 incl. breakfast, excl. tax. Participation costs for non-members are
€ 950,– excluding VAT. Participation costs for IFFI colleagues are covered by the membership fee. Cancellations after 1st of November will cost € 300,00 excluding VAT + eventual hotel room rate.

Please use the online form to register:
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