Masterclass Markets 10 & 11 March 2016


Red Ocean Strategies – how to be successful in maturing markets?

In the privacy of the IFFI network managers and professionals will learn about the latest developments within the field of marketing and sales. Five modules cover the strategies and practices of successful organisations operating in mature markets, the so-called ‘red oceans’. The modules are facilitated by leading experts in B2B, providing theoretic proof as well as the context of best practices.

Target group

Managing directors, commercial directors, (key)account managers, business development and market managers, marketing and communications professionals as well as all IFFI members and invitees involved in successfully competing in mature markets.


Thursday 10 March 2016 | 13.00 – 22.30 hrs

  • 13.00 – 14.00 hrs   Registration & lunch
  • 14.00 – 15.15 hrs   Module 1 – Kick off
    The Red Ocean Strategy
    Roland van Kralingen – Inspirator, marketing entrepreneur and author
    Company website: vKralingenCompany
  • 15.30 – 16.45 hrs   Module 2 – FMCG
    Changing FMCG requirements
    Pepijn Bos – Unilever
  • 17.00 – 18.00 hrs   Guided tour ‘the magic of the ss Rotterdam’
  • 19.00 – 22.30 hrs   Dinner

Friday 11 March 2016 | 09.00 – 17.00 hrs

  • 09.00 – 10.15 hrs   Module 3 – Retail
    Changing retail requirements
    Dirk Mulder – ING
  • 10.30 – 11.45   Module 4 – Food Service
    Aligning the organization for red ocean strategies
    Erik Wijnhof
    Company website:
  • 12.00 – 13.00 hrs   Lunch
  • 13.00 – 16.00 hrs   Module 5 – workshop
    Challenger Selling in practice
    Trainer Alex Panou – CEB global
  • 16.00 – 17.00 hrs   Evaluation and drinks

Guest speakers

Roland van Kralingen
roland-van-kralingen-1421606 logo-vkralingenHow can companies maintain or expand their position in mature and competitive markets? What are their key strengths and focal market segments? How to create and deliver value to customers? And how to position against the competition? Roland van Kralingen, one the top marketers in the Netherlands, will inspire you with challenging business strategies!

Pepijn Bos
pepijn-bos logo-unileverThe business environment of FMCG producers is changing globally. This change partly stems from developments in the marketplace, f.e. the buying power of retail, availability of resources and/or changing consumer demands. Increased competition also plays a major role. In what way can FMCG producers withstand competition best? And what should be the role of their ingredient suppliers?

Dirk Mulder
dirk-mulder-1b7ef49 logo-ingThe offline retail market as such does not grow and is highly competitive. Margins are low and turnover rates are high. Competition in the retail channels is fierce and the entry barriers are high. The online retail market is relatively small but highly promising. The perspective of generating revenues from online sales today is still rather vague. Dirk Mulder will share insights from a retail perspective downstream the value chain.

Erik Wijnhof
Erik-Wijnhof-355a461 logo-distriversFood service in general and catering in particular, is a competitive market to operate in. Due to centralized procurement, tightening tender regulations and diminishing budgets, it is a challenge to maintain and/or expand marketshare. Should one focus on generating innovative services, developing low cost procedures or diversify towards a customer intimid partner? Erik Wijnhof will share market knowhow and insights on how to become a successful supplier in food or services or preferably both.

Alex Panou
Director professional services at CEB

alex-panou logo-CEBWithin a 3 hour highly interactive session Alex Panou from CEB will introduce the participants to Challenger Selling. He will be presenting insights into sales and marketing effectiveness and the overall commercial strategy around the Challenger commercial model. Participants will be introduced to the model and discuss the implications for the changing customer behaviour they are seeing in their own business. The group will be sharing their own experiences, as well as hearing about CEB’s own extensive research.


logo-ssrotterdamWhich location is better suited when you talk about red (and blue) oceans than a ship which has sailed the oceans? That is why the Masterclass Red Ocean Strategies will take place on the ss Rotterdam.

ss Rotterdam
On 3 September 1959 the ss Rotterdam made its first trip to New York. Over 40 years the ship sailed the seas. Now it is a luxury hotel where where guests live the experience of the world travellers that where once on board. During the Masterclass we have arranged a guided tour to discover the magic of this ship.

3e Katendrechtsehoofd 25, 3072 AM Rotterdam, The Netherlands, +31 (0)10 297 30 90
Route description:
Route to the ss Rotterdam


The IFFI Masterclass modules include dinner, lunch and refreshments and exclude accommodation on board of the ss Rotterdam (€ 109,- including breakfast). Participation costs for non-members are € 950,- per module, excluding VAT. Participation costs for IFFI colleagues are covered by the membership fee.

However, for cancellation of participation after 10 February we have to charge you € 300,–. Hotel reservations cancelled after 10th of February will be charged 25-100%, depending on the number of days before the start of the Masterclass.

Please use our registration forms for members and non-members to register and request accommodation.

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