Masterclass Innovations 8 & 9 June 2017

Personalized Foods

Accounting for tastes

The IFFI Masterclass Innovations, scheduled for 8 & 9 June 2017, is dedicated to new tastes3D food printing and personalized nutrition. We look forward to welcome all members and invitees who are interested in tailoring foods to the individual needs of the consumer. Don’t miss the opportunity to share and develop strategic and tactical insights with colleagues from the food ingredients industry, facilitated by experts from academies and industry-leading businesses.

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Image of Landgoed de Salentein

Target Group

Business development and innovation managers, R&D managers, product and application developers, process technologists and engineers, nutritionists and food technologists.


Thursday, 8 June 2017

13.30 hrsModule 1a Creating ‘Het Nieuwe Lekker’
Wessel Cramwinckel – Researcher at Centrum voor Smaakonderzoek

Location Hotel Fitland Helmond, Scheepsboulevard 2, 5705 KZ Helmond,
tel. 0492 870 050
12.00 hrs Registration with lunch buffet in Kubus room
13.00 hrs Module 1a Defining ‘Het Nieuwe Lekker’ a definition of tastes
Professor Peter Klosse – Gastronomic Inspirer of the Academy for Gastronomy/lector Maastricht University
14.00 hrs Break
14.30 hrs Module 1b ‘Het Nieuwe Lekker’ in practice
working session in small teams
15.30 hrs Break
16.00 hrs Presentations of working session
17.00 hrs Drinks and snacks
17.30 hrs Team activity: visit to Bodec
19.30 hrs Dinner at Fitland Hotel Helmond

Friday, 9 June 2017

Eric Mulder – Manager Discovery IOI Loders Croklaan and Hans Huibers – Frontier at NMK-Esbaco

Location TNO at TU/e Campus, De Rondom 1, Eindhoven, Route description_TNO_Eindhoven_Industry._EN
Please note that construction works at the campus may cause delays, more information
09.00 hrs Module 2a 3D Food Printing in theory
Daniel van der Linden – Business Developer at TNO
10.00 hrs Pilot tour | TNO 3D Food Printing
10.45 hrs Break
11.00 hrs Module 2b 3D Food Printing in practice
12.30 hrs Lunch in Grand Cafe De Zwarte Doos
Location TU/e Campus, De Zwarte Doos TU/e Campus map and route description
13.30 hrs Module 3a Accounting for taste & health in personalized technology
Jettie Hoonhout – Senior Scientist at Philips Research
14.00 hrs Module 3b Accounting for taste & health in personalized nutritional advice
Menrike Menkveld-Beukers – Manager Alliantie Voeding in de Zorg
14.30 hrs Break
14.45 hrs Workshop : new propositions to promote personal health in practice
16.00 hrs Closing of official programme | drinks & snacks

Topics & Guest speakers

Image of Professor Peter Klosse
Image of Wessel Cramwinckel
‘Het Nieuwe Lekker’

Professor Peter Klosse – University of Applied Sciences Maastricht
Wessel Cramwinckel – Centrum voor Smaakonderzoek

The food industry is challenged by consumers to lower either eliminate salt, fat, sugar, allergens, animal proteins, E numbers etcetera in food products. Claims like ‘Free from’, ‘low fat’, ‘no added sugar’, ‘allergen free’, ‘clean label’ indicate that the proposition of ‘a tasty product’ is at risk. ‘If we are asked to leave a lot of ingredients out of food formulations, it is about time to redefine the concept of taste’. And develop a complete new proposition of ‘tasty products’. Before you decide what insights you need, it makes sense to identify:
• In which sense are we limited to the current concept of taste by delivering ‘free from’ personalized foods?
• In which sense do we need to redefine taste and ask ourselves, what should ‘Het Nieuwe Lekker’ bring us?


Image of Daniël van der Linden
Image of Eric Mulder
Image of Hans Huibers
3D Food Printing

Daniël van der Linden – TNO
Eric Mulder – IOI Loders Croklaan
Hans Huibers – NMK-Esbaco

3D food printing is a new way to create food products with unique quality aspects that can be fully personalised. It can make tangible contributions to people’s health and sustainable production in the future. TNO currently combines expertise in 3D printing technology with food science to create ultra-modern technology for the production of new food products. Erik Mulder translates the science into a business case coming from the Creative Studio at IOI Loders Croklaan.

3D foodprinting generates significant opportunities for the food industry:
Personalisation: 3D foodprinting opens up the way to completely personalised food because it can make products that precisely fit the needs and preferences of individuals with respect to content, form, shape and taste.
Fun: 3D foodprinting offers a huge degree of freedom in terms of design either to develop unique new products or to change the formula, shape, structure or texture of existing products so that, f.e., the taste experience remains the same yet the salt or sugar content is reduced.
Convenience: the printer can ensure that your personalised meal is made at exactly the right moment so that when you come home, a fresh, healthy meal is waiting for you.
Alternative nutritional sources: 3D foodprinting can help transform alternative ingredients like proteins from algae, beet leaves or insects, that are otherwise hard to process into tasty products with recognisable structures and can make use of raw materials whose appearance would otherwise present an obstacle to their use.


Image of Jettie Hoonhout
Image of Menrike Menkveld
Accounting for taste and health in personalized food

Jettie Hoonhout – Philips Research
Menrike Menkveld-Beukers – Alliantie Voeding in de Zorg

When food becomes individualized and each sku (stock keeping unit) is unique, how can this be manufactured and distributed by food producers? Is it possible to tailor each individual need to an unique nutritious solution? What are the pitfalls and opportunities with respect to the development of food ingredients providing health? What is the current standard of these developments? And to what extend do we need to collaborate with start up and growth companies? Together with suppliers and ingredients we discover the next level of innovative food ingredients.

Team activity

Logo of Bodeca Bodec is bridging between knowledge and the market. Providing goal-oriented support in process innovation, creativity and new technologies. The services of Bodec include process development, process optimization, production and technology. From valuing biobased sidestreams and raw materials to high prized ingredients to testing of scale-up spraydrying processes at pilotscale.

Address: Bodec, Scheepsboulevard 3, 5705 KZ Helmond,  tel. 0492 77 97 68

Location and accommodation Thursday

Image of Fitland Hotel Helmond Fitland Hotel Helmond is located opposite of the Foodtech Brainport area and offers affordable luxury in a vivid surrounding. Southern hospitality in the heart of ‘de Peel.’ All rooms are equipped with climate control, free Wi-Fi, and other modern day conveniences. Sports facilities are free of charge for hotel guests.

Address: Fitland Hotel Helmond, Scheepsboulevard 2, 5705 KZ Helmond, tel. 0492 870 050

Location Friday

Image of TU/e Campus The TU/e Campus is an open and accessible community for technology education, scientific research and knowledge valorization. It is an attractive and lively hotspot in the Brainport Region Eindhoven which connects students, researchers, entrepreneurs and high-tech companies.

Address for morning session: TNO, De Rondom 1, Eindhoven (follow route De Rondom)
Address for afternoon session: De Zwarte Doos (follow route De Wielen)

Map and route description: TU/e Campus map and route description

Registration and accommodation

The IFFI Masterclass programme includes dinner and drinks and excludes eventual accommodation costs. Participation costs for non-members are € 950,– excluding VAT. Participation costs for IFFI colleagues are covered by the membership fee. However, for cancellation of participation after 31st of May we will charge you € 300,–. IFFI can arrange a hotel room for you in Fitland hotel Helmond, rooms including breakfast will cost € 85,-–).

Please use the online registration forms below to register for one or both days and to request a hotel room. Please note that in case of hotel cancellations later than 7 days in advance of your stay, we are forced to charge you 100%.

Registration members / Registration non-members


  1. Goedemorgen,
    Mijn collega heeft interesse om naar het event te komen, maar zou graag weten wie er uit de markt nog meer komen. is er mogelijk een lijst met delegates? Zodat hij aan de hand daarvan kan besluiten of het voor hem het juiste event is.

  2. Margriet Dekker

    Beste Wilma, we zitten op dit moment middenin het registratieproces. Een deelnemerslijst is nog niet beschikbaar, maar we hebben aanmeldingen van IOI Loders Croklaan, Darling Ingredients International, Unicorn Grain Specialties, Lamb Weston Meijer, Buteressence, Royal Buisman en Scelta Mushrooms. De deelnemers hebben diverse achtergronden: van process engineer en flavourists tot food technologists, product developers en account management. We verwachten in de loop van volgende week nog aanmeldingen van de andere leden (zie members op onze website). Mijn collega Halbe Vogel neemt graag contact op om de Masterclass toe te lichten aan jouw collega. Kan ik hem/haar in contact brengen met Halbe?

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