Initiating change is easy, getting results is difficult!

Driven by every changing market environments our organizations have to change accordingly. Change is the only constant factor, but what how does this lead to the required results? Many of our organizations are subject to change, often forced by the use of new toolings. But what comes first, the tool or the behavior? And when it comes down to behavior, how to learn performing first, before you can deliver results? Based upon a realtime business case of DV Nutrition guest speaker Steven Gerrits will share his insights with IFFI members and invitees at the IFFI dinner meeting Operations, scheduled for 16 May 2019.

Steven Gerrits, managing partner and principal consultant at Partitude, specializes in exploiting the potential of organization. He will explain the development and implementation of lasting realization power based upon practical concepts such as Realization Management®, Learning to Perform, Personal Leadership and Management by Cooperation.

The next day we will visit our member organization Griffith Foods in Herentals, Belgium. Griffith Foods has the resources, tools and techniques required to deliver on customers’ needs to maximize their success. They offer unique solutions for seasonings, textures & coatings, sauces, bakery & dough, functional blends and food safety requirements, committed to providing customized solutions that build and protect valued brands.

Managing directors, operational directors, site directors, plant managers, manufacturing managers, supply chain managers, logistics managers, product (group) managers, managers technology, process technologists and QA/QC professionals and other colleagues from the food ingredients industry who are interested in initiating change for long term results are welcome to join us at the dinner table. You will find a detailed programme and online registration forms on our webpage.

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