Impression DM Markets – visit Interfood | 12-13 September 2019

E-commerce in B2B businesses

How to be successful in a connected world

The internet and the platform economy change the way in which consumers buy products and services and it also will change the way companies do business with one and other. For sure, E-commerce will have an impact on the way we operate our global businesses, rather sooner than later. Are our business models up-to-date or do they need to be redesigned? How do other companies in a B2B environment deal with this phenomenon and what do their business models look like? How can we be successful in a connected world and still be relevant to our customers? Derk-Jan van der Wal and Floor Guikers from EY (VODW), specialized in digital transformation strategies, touched on different horizons of Digital Transformation and Direct to Consumer.

On Friday Interfood welcomed the IFFI members for an inspiring programme including tastings and a healthy lunch buffet. Mark Oostendorp, Leo van der Krogt, Peter Simons, Robin Buiks and Wouter Berendsen gave the IFFI members insights in the versatility of dairy and the worldwide range of applications relying on the Interfood Group.

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