Impression DM Innovations – visit Koopmans | 14-15 March 2019


finding a balance between sense and sensibility

Thursday night Professor Dr. Harry Wichers, biochemist and holder of the chair Immunomodulation by Food in Wageningen, gave IFFI members an update on the interaction between the human immune system and food as well as the sense and nonsense in the public perception of food allergies.

Food producers deal with allergens on a daily basis, if only to prevent cross-pollination and painful recalls. This is important because the number of people who develop allergies appears to be increasing. But that is precisely why food producers need to think at a different level about the relationship between food and the immune system“, says Harry Wichers of Wageningen University & Research. Read the complete interview in EVMI.

Ylva Poelman, initiator of the Bionica Innovation & Expertise Center in Groningen, columnist in Trouw and author of the book Nature as Inventor, challenged participants to learn more about bionica principles to find innovative alternatives for allergens or to deactivate allergens.

Bionica is an innovation method that uses nature as a source of inspiration. It offers out-of-the-box solutions that ensure innovations“, according to Ylva Poelman, also known as the bionic woman. Read the complete interview in EVMI.

On Friday Royal Koopmans welcomed the IFFI members for an inspiring programme including tastings and a factory tour. The presentations from Dirk Lodewijk and Jan Krijgsheld gave the IFFI members insights in the versatility of grain, making it a true force of nature with functional and nutritional qualities for many food applications.

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