IFFI welcomes new member Koopmans

IFFI welcomes new member Koopmans. Koopmans recently joined IFFI as a new member organization. Cindy Semeijn and Dirk Lodewijk will represent Koopmans in our network.
Koopmans Royal Flour Mill:
Koopmans aims to be a loyal partner to co-develop food together with other ingredient processing companies. Small enough to be flexible in meeting market trends and wishes. Big enough to develop exclusive concepts with customers and suppliers.
Koopmans Ingredients supplies various products that can be used to bake bread and bread substitutes. In addition, these ingredients can also be valuable in contributing to other types of food. For example to bind substances, or to enrich the nutritional characteristics. Koopmans wants to use the full potential of the grain kernel, from the outside to the core.
Founded in 1846 as a one-man operation, Koopmans still is a family-run business. Sustainability and development of products with chain partners are key strategic elements.
More on Koopmans ingredients can be found here.

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