IFFI and Jaap Korteweg about a plantbased future

‘We want to fool the meat-lovers’

Meat replacers, where are we now and what lies ahead? That was the question to be answered during the dinner meeting in April 2018. Vegetarian butcher Jaap Korteweg presented his vision.

Plant-based proteins are very important for the future of food, and therefore important for ingredients producers and the IFFI network. The transition towards plant-based products gives new possibilities for innovations within the food industry.

Vegetarian butcher Jaap Korteweg has been working in the field of plant-based meat-replacers for quite some years now. During the dinner meeting he shared his vision on a future where the bio-industry will be made redundant. ‘Our vision is to grow as soon as possible; it’s not about profit, it’s all about growth. Our biggest challenge is to fool the meat lovers, who can’t tell the difference between real meat and our plant-based alternatives. Towards the IFFI audience he outed his wish to have them develop ingredients that are in line with this fast growing market.

Read the full article that has been published in EVMI magazine here.



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