How to use the innovative power of Millennials in the food industry?

The Young IFFI event on November 1st is the opportunity for young talent and experienced IFFI members to meet an to work together. With support from Aart Bontekoning & the Generation Theater, we will explore how the natural innovative power of the youngest generation can best be mixed with the rich experience of senior experts.

It seems so logical: combining the energy and contemporary character of youth with the knowledge and experience of older generations. However, many companies in the food sector are struggling to take advantage of the freshness of their young employees, if they already find it and can hold on to it. “In the vast majority of Dutch companies, the younger generations are outnumbered by the older employees,” says Aart Bontekoning, “The status quo raises new questions”. Over the past three years, he has been researching the Dutch millennials in more than one hundred companies (1985-2000). “Many companies will grow spectacular over the coming decades and especially those companies need the influence of the youngest generation to remain innovative and up-to-date. But the older generation has the tendency to unconsciously maintain dated working patterns. In organizing, deciding, communicating and cooperating they act on autopilot. Not realizing that this eliminates freshness in young people or even rejects young people. Such patterns, like food, have a best-before date. After that date, they take away working energy, even among the older employees, but the younger ones are most susceptible to it.”

Read more or visit the IFFI website for the complete programme.

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