EC meeting to Dr. Oetker 4-5 July 2019

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Thursday 4 July 2019

14.30 hrs visit DAB factory including beer tasting
address: Steigerstrasse 16, 44145 Dortmund (gathering around 14.15 hrs at reception of brewery museum)
17.00 hrs departure to Hotel Bielefelder Hof (ETA 18.30 hrs)
address: Am Bahnhof 3, 33602 Bielefeld
19.30 hrs dinner at Castle Sparrenburg in Bielefeld
address; am Sparrenberg 38A, 33602 Bielefeld
22.00 hrs Drinks and overnight stay in Hotel Bielefelder Hof

Friday 5 July 2019

9.30 hrs reception at Dr. Oetker, words of welcome by Dr. Günther
address:Werksgelände Artur-Ladebeck-Str. 100, 33647 Bielefeld
9.45 hrs R&D meeting
11.30 hrs Laboratory tour
12.00 hrs lunch at Dr. Oetker World
13.30 hrs tour around Dr. Oetker World
16.15 hrs end of official programme

Visit to DAB in Dortmund

The Radeberger Gruppe KG is the largest German brewing group with headquarters in Frankfurt am Main and a subsidiary of the Oetker Group. The group produces beer and soft drinks in 16 locations. DAB is part of this group with brands like Kronen, Dortmunder Union, DAB, Brinkhoff’s, Hansa, Hövels, Ritter, Thier, Stifts, Wicküler, Andreas Pils, Schlösser Alt.

A tour of the Dortmunder Actien brewery is something for everyone who has always wanted to know how beer in Dortmund is made, bottled and then put in their beer glass. Dortmund beers are still brewed according to original recipes and the purity law of 1516. All production stages are presented, from the intake of raw materials to the brewery house and bottling up to 140,000 bottles per hour until loading.

Visit to Dr. Oetker World including R&D meeting

Everything about the famous and fascinating brand Dr. Oetker can be experienced by visitors in the Dr. Oetker World. Nine rooms, with different topics illustrate the path of products from raw materials to finished goods that can be sold and give direct insight in the world of Dr. Oetker and in the history of the brand.

The IFFI program includes a two-hour, guided, interactive tour with a break in our pudding wonder. Afterwards there will be tastings from our assortments of pizza, dessert and cake and the possibility of dr. med. Oetker World Shop for browsing.

Dinner at Castle Sparrenburg

High above the town on the Sparrenberg hill sits imposing Sparrenburg Castle. Its mighty fortifications are located right next to one of the most beautiful ridge walks in Germany, the 156km Hermannsweg.

Constructed in the mid 13th century by the Counts of Ravensberg, the castle was administrative centre and residence of the county sovereign, and protected the town and trade routes through the Bielefeld pass. It was rebuilt many times. Sparrenburg Castle gained its present outline in the middle of the 16th century. A vast 300m system of underground passages can be explored from April to October, and visitors can enjoy panoramic views over the town Panorama and surrounding countryside as well as a nice dinner.

Hotel Bielefelder Hof

Hotel Bielefelder Hof is located in the city centre only ten minutes walking distance from the old town district of Bielefeld. Directly opposite the main railway station and the new “Bahnhofsviertel” station district with numerous restaurants and bars.Rooms cost € 139,00 incl. breakfast and have to be paid for individually.

Address: Hotel Bielefelder Hof, Am Bahnhof 3, D-33602 Bielefeld, route and parking Tel.: +49 (0) 521 5282 – 0


Executive Council members have received a personal invitation by e-mail. Please contact Halbe Vogel for more information.

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