Executive Council meeting 25 January 2018

Our first Executive Council meeting in 2018 is scheduled for 25 January. We look forward to welcome all executive members in Doorn.

The call for transparency continues

Special guest for this evening is author of the book ‘In defence of processed foods’ and columnist Rosanne Hertzberger. Following the IFFI Ingredients Event last year, Rosanne Hertzberger will join us at the dinner table. Many of our members have expressed their interest in an extensive debate with Rosanne and fellow Executive Council members regarding the ‘call for transparency’. We are therefore very glad that Rosanne has accepted our invitation.

Guest speaker Rosanne Hertzberger
She is not a vocalist of the industry, however Rosanne Hertzberger is determined to prove that food additives are not necessarily unhealthy. The nutritional value of processed foods is not necessarily lower than that of self-cooked meals made from fresh products of the farmers market. “Only a small minority of our population spends hours in the kitchen every day. There is a vague dislike of chemical and industrial that is not based on true knowledge. Meanwhile, the average Dutch consumer buys ever more processed foods associated with these terms.”

This is a unique opportunity to exchange ideas and insights with our keynote speaker of last years Ingredients Event, giving Rosanne an insight in the threats and opportunities that we are facing together, as an industry as well as individual manufacturers of ingredients.


18.00 hrs Aperitif in the old stables of the Oranjerie
18.45 hrs Words of welcome – Loek Favre, chairman of the IFFI board
19.00 hrs Launch of the ‘IFFI in 2018’ programme | Halbe Vogel, secretary IFFI board
19.15 hrs Dinner and discussion with Rosanne Hertzberger
21.30 hrs Closing of plenary discussion
21.35 hrs Networking opportunity | drinks and accommodation available


Orangerie Doorn
De Oranjerie is quietly located in the leafy park of Huis Doorn and has a small parking lot at the rear. Huis Doorn, the castle in the middle of the estate, is best known as the residence for the German ex-Kaiser Wilhelm II who lived there from 1920 until his death in 1941.

The former stables, known as De Oranjerie, are now a restaurant for visitors of the museum Huis Doorn.

Oranjerie Doorn
estate Huis Doorn
Langbroekerweg 16A
3941 MT Doorn
tel 0343-412342
Route description and parking instructions. There is a parking lot next to the Oranjerie.

An invitation has been sent out by e-mail to all executive members of the IFFI network.

For more information, registration and eventual accommodation, please contact Margriet Dekker by sending an e-mail to: events@ingredientsforfoodinnovators.com

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