Executive Council meeting 15 January 2020

The first Executive Council meeting in 2020 was held on the 15th of January. The IFFI board had the pleasure to welcome the executive council members in Amstelveen for an interesting mix of strategy, delicious paintings and good food. For an impression of this meeting please use this link.

Leadership in business

Special guest for the evening was Prof. Drs. Philip Wagner.

Guest speaker Philip Wagner
Philip Wagner is managing director of the Wagner Group and ICUC professor Global Economy & Governance. Global developments are at the centre of his thinking and acting as an entrepreneur. He provides economical and societal analyses and consults in the area of corporate governance and strategy. Philip is an experienced member of (non-)executive boards of private and public organizations. He likes to take people on a knowledge journey around the globe and is capable of transforming abstract concepts into concrete appealing examples.

Global Sustainable Development Goals 2030

Many leaders in business have responded to the wake-up call of Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ in 2007. Over the last decade we have seen multinational, public-rated companies transforming their strategies from shareholder driven to purpose driven. And addressing the Global Sustainable Development Goals as adopted by all United Nations member states in 2015! For wat reason? Why would a stock rated company with anonymous shareholders welcome a future business at potential higher costs and a higher risk profile?
CEO’s of food companies like Emmanuel Faber – Danone, Alan Jope – Unilever and Feike Sybesma – DSM address the global challenges of a sustainable food system and use the economy of scale of their global businesses to make an impact by doing good. ‘Doubling the revenue, halving the footprint’ was the business goal of Unilever, set by its CEO Paul Polman in 2013. Leading by example, one of virtues of a true leader. Prof. drs. Philip Wagner will share his thoughts and insights on leadership in a business context, managing a business and addressing global challenges at the same time. ‘It’s not about purposefulness but it is about rightfulness’ and ‘On our way to a world, which I bigger than ourselves’ are examples of quotes by Philip Wagner, a thought leader and great speaker.
Examples of global challenges brought by CEO’s of leading food companies:
• Emannuel Faber – CEO of Danone, about biodiversity ‘The foodsystem is a deadend for the future
• Alan Jope – CEO of Unilever, about plastic packaging ‘There is a lot of plastic in the environment, some of it has our name on it
• Paul Polman – ex CEO of Unilever, about Sustainable Living Plan ‘Double the turnover, halve the footprint
• Feike Sybesma – CEO of DSM, ‘How can you be succesfull in a world that fails

Delicious paintings

Tjalf Sparnaay has been working on an innovative oeuvre since 1987, constantly seeking new images that had never been painted before. His Megarealism is part of the contemporary international movement now known as Hyperrealism; he is now seen as one of the most important and trend-setting painters internationally in that style.


Location: Museum Jan van der Togt, Dorpsstraat 50, 1182 JE Amstelveen | t: +31 (20) 641 57 54
16.00 hrs Reception at Huisje 40/42 via entrance of the museum
16.30 hrs Executive Council meeting: IFFI strategy 2020
18.00 hrs Guided tour by the curator of the Delicious Paintings exhibition
18.45 hrs End of programme in museum, 5 minute walk to the WineKitchen at Sea

Location: The WineKitchen at Sea, Ouderkerkerlaan 2 1185 AB Amstelveen | t: +31 (20) 345 13 27
19.00 hrs Dinner
20.30 hrs Keynote speaker Philip Wagner about Leadership in Business
22.00 hrs End of official programme

An invitation was sent out by e-mail to all executive members of the IFFI network.

For more information, registration and eventual accommodation, please contact Margriet Dekker by sending an e-mail to: events@ingredientsforfoodinnovators.com

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