Dinner meeting Operations 6 & 7 October 2016


Smart Operations –
food manufacturing in transition?

In the privacy of the IFFI network managers and professionals will learn about the potential of new food processing technologies and how they are reflected in the Dutch Smart Industries agenda. When will hardware as well as software become embedded phenomena in food manufacturing 2.0?

Often when food producers require more functionality from food ingredients, food technologies can do the trick as well. Instead of being in competition, ingredients and technologies should be complementary to each other. But how?

Egbert-Jan Sol of TNO addresses the ICT revolution as the 4th industrial revolution in respect of its effect on the manufacturing industry in general and the food industry in particular. What impact does the internet (of things) have on the way we manage our operations and train our operators?

Albert Hendriks, Managing Director of Pandriks Bake Off, a progressive bakery in Meppel, will lead the participants into a new era of baking technology and food manufacturing. A transition in the baking industry is unevitable. What do manufacturers need to successfully anticipate to the shift in consumer preferences with regard to taste and natural ingredients?

Target group

Managing directors, plant managers, operation and/or production managers, process engineers, process technologists, QA & QC managers, R&D managers and all IFFI members and invitees involved in operations.


Thursday, 6 October 2016

Location: De Havixhorst, Schiphorsterweg 34-36, 7966 AC De Schiphorst (Meppel), tel. 0522 441 487

  • 18.30 hrs Reception with aperitif in ‘het Schathuis’
  • 19.00 hrs Dinner
  • 20.00 hrs ‘Smart Industries – how ICT runs our factories’ by Egbert-Jan Sol/TNO
  • 20.30 hrs ‘Clever Baking – a unique baking process’ by Albert Hendriks/Pandriks Bake Off
  • 21.30 hrs End of formal programme; informal networking and drinks
  • 23.30 hrs Overnight stay in De Havixhorst or neighbouring facilities for company visit the next day

Friday, 7 October 2016

Location: Pandriks Bake Off, Mandeveld 8, 7942 KE Meppel, tel. 0522 246 060

  • 08.45 hrs Registration at Pandriks Bake Off BV
  • 09.00 hrs Welcome and company presentation
  • 10.00 hrs ‘Clean label bake-off bread, a piece of cake!’
  • 11.00 hrs Factory tour
  • 12.00 hrs End of formal programme; a light lunch will be served

Guest speakers

Egbert-Jan Sol
egbert-jan sol tno industryAs CTO at TNO Industry, Egbert-Jan is currently assigned to run the Dutch 4th Industrial Revolution Smart Industry action programme of the Netherlands, named Smart Industry instead of Industrie 4.0 NL because changing business models are the prime concern. He is also a part-time professor Research Management and Research Strategy (innovation manager) at the science faculty of the Radboud University

Albert Hendriks
albert-hendriks pandricks logo With the establishment of Pandriks Bake Off three years ago entrepreneur Albert Hendriks met the increasing demand for healthy bread based on natural ingredients. The baking process is very traditionally yet efficient without the use of E-numbers or flavour enhancers. Pandriks Bake Off delivers in the Netherlands as well as in several European countries.

Company visit

pandriks pand Bread used to be much tastier. From this starting point Pandriks Bake Off was developed. A unique process where the dough rises 24 hours on average. And is baked on stone, like in 1850. Using 100% natural raw materials. Pandriks combines craftsmanship, experience and innovation in a brand new bakery in Meppel. Here bread dough is kneaded with only natural ingredients. Preservatives, emulsifiers and flavours are not needed thanks to the unique production process.


Location dinner meeting

In the 17th century, one of the oldest farmhouses on the sandy north side of the river Reest was turned into a prestigious estate for the noble family De Vos van Steenwijk. The family lived here until 1939. After their departure it sequently became a guest house, a holiday resort for young people, a shelter for Vietnamese asylum seekers and a geriatric institution. It was restored in 1982 and attracts gastronomy-loving guests ever since as an exclusive châteauhotel.

Address: De Havixhorst, Schiphorsterweg 34-36, 7966 AC De Schiphorst (Meppel), tel. 0522 441 487
Route description


The IFFI dinner meeting programme includes dinner and drinks and excludes eventual accommodation costs. Participation costs for non-members are € 150,– excluding VAT. Participation costs for IFFI colleagues are covered by the membership fee. However, for cancellation of participation after 15th of September we will charge you € 150,–. IFFI can arrange a hotel room for you in De Havixhorst (room excluding breakfast will cost € 90,–, only 8 rooms available, alternative hotel in neighbourhood), please use the online registration forms below to register for one or both days and to request a hotel room. Please note that in case of cancellations later than 14 days in advance of your stay, we are forced to charge you 100% of the room.

Please register before 23 September 2016 using the online registration forms.

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