Diabetes Foundation starts Sugar Recall Campaign

On April 4, the Diabetes Foundation has started the Sugar Recall Campaign. Consumers can recall a product with an unnecessary amount of sugar and that way send a message to the food industry. The goal of the campaign is to reduce the sugar content in food products. A lot of products contain a big amount of unnecessary sugars. Not just sodas, biscuits and sweet, but also products in which you don’t expect it. On the website of the Diabetes Foundation, the public can select a product and place a recall.

“A more firm approach is necessary to reach a lower sugar level in products, and that way stop the explosive growth of the number of people with diabetes type 2. At this moment about 1,1 million Dutch have this form of diabetes and the number grows weekly with 1.000”, says Hanneke Dessing, director of the Diabetes Foundation. According to Dessing this signal doesn’t mean there is no room for cooperation. “On the contrary, with this campaign, we open our doors for ambitious producers and retailers who would like to collaborate on this matter.’
Research shows that 86% of the Dutch believe that producers should ad less sugar to products. With the Diabetes Foundation as a driving force, the industry can take a big leap when it comes to matters of product innovations and portion sizes. That way it will be easier for everyone to make a healthy choice.
The Sugar Recall Campaign will continue until the end of April. On June 11, the Diabetes Foundation will discuss the subject with various parties from the food industry.
bron: Diabetesfonds, 04/04/18

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