Let’s co-create and innovate!

Ingredients For Food Innovators has scheduled a Masterclass Innovations on Thursday 11 and Friday 12 April in Rotterdam. Seven masterclass modules are dedicated to SMART and AGILE innovation methods for the food industry.

Three times a year IFFI organizes masterclasses for members and non-members and the April edition is all about “organizing innovation differently”, or redesigning food. In rapidly changing consumer markets with digital technologies and a lot of data! Industry xperts share their knowledge and experience. After the presentations, there is always an opportunity to exchange ideas with colleagues from the ingredients industry.

On April 11, Tom de Ruyck, Professor & Managing Partner Insites Consulting, calls on the ingredients industry to use consumer behavior insights to activate the buying behavior of their clients’ clients. An inspiring introduction to Insights Activation and the application of digital technologies and data in innovation pipelines and portfolios! After dinner Bart Fischer, 7BFT, explains how producers of food ingredients can work together with retailers and consumers to develop innovative product concepts. He uses examples from retailers such as Albert Heijn who takes their suppliers into co-creation processes by facilitating Pop-up Stores and Concept Labs.

The next day this masterclass will start with a fascinating case about co-creating with other companies in the food value chain. Piet Buwalda (AVEBE) takes the participants into the co-creation process of Etenia ™. Then IFFI members and invitees form a Blockchain with traders, hubs and miners to experience how a blockchain can work. After lunch in the RDM canteen, it’s time for innovation methods such as Design Thinking and Agile Acting. Consultants Jan Vaessen and Theo van de Poll are happy to prove that these tools originating from the IT industry are also applicable in the food processing industry.

For whom?
Innovation / R&D managers, market intelligence and marketing managers, business development and consumer insight managers, product development specialists, process and application technologists and employees from the ingredient industry.

Please use this link to the programme and online registration forms to register, preferably before the 1st of April.

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