Venlo welcomes pilot plant for personalized food

Young people in the province of Limburg are relatively unhealthy compared to elsewhere in the Netherlands. Only a small group gets enough movement and eats enough vegetables and fruits. Can ‘DNA food’ produced at the Brightlands Campus Greenport in Venlo help out?

In a yet empty area of Villa Flora on the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo, the Cooker will be build. In this pilot plant scientists can do research after the most beneficial foods, matching the specific nutritional needs of an individual body. The machine filters the moisture from vegetables and fruits. Consequently, a concentrate remains. This concentrate plays a crucial role in making personalized food. According to the initiators of this project, your DNA determines the nutrition that fits your needs.

The project is exemplary for the focus of the Brightlands Campus on personalizing food based upon genetic background and individual needs.

Source: The Limburger newspaper (please use this link to read the complete article in Dutch)

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