Transparent food logistics based on realtime data

The use of realtime data will also change the nature of food logistics in the very near future. Smart sensors to be installed on food packaging will monitor the cooling conditions of each single food product in the supply chain. And at the same time change the shelflife accordingly. Will realtime data be the ultimate solution to reduce foodwaste at consumer level?

On the other hand ICT innovation in the supply chain will make it possible to manage and share product, process and supplier information, from raw material to finished product. Food logistics will become fully transparent and food products fully traceable. How will software help companies in the food chain to improve quality and sustainability whilst reducing cost and risk?

The IFFI Masterclass Operations, scheduled for 7 & 8 December 2017, is dedicated to answering questions and increasing knowledge regarding digital factories, transparent logistics and valorised side streams. In this masterclass we touch on the latest developments and technologies adding value to the operations of food ingredients producers.

Target group: Managing directors, operational directors, plant managers, supply chain managers, logistics managers, product (group) managers, managers technology, process technologists and QA/QC professionals

A factory tour at DV Nutrition/DOC Kaas is included in the programme on Thursday, the 7th of December.

Please register as soon as possible so that IFFI can guarantee eventual hotel accommodation. Use the online registration forms for members or non-members to confirm your participation.

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