Regaining customer trust after a knock down | 17 March 2017

Since consumers wish more insight in the food production chain and customers require full transparency, it is up to the producers of food ingredients to fulfill the expectations within the entire supply chain. Food producers ask suppliers to contribute actively in solving highly complex challenges which cannot be addressed by a single company but only by many. The scope of investments and risks involved is often not that clear and your position as a producer of food ingredients is at stake, especially in case of recalls, accidents or negative publicity linked to the use of your ingredients.

What to do when your position is weakening and/or the business with customers is suspended? Regardless who is to be blamed, how can you regain the trust of customers? Which measures should be taken to get the business ‘back on its feet’? Ralph van Hessen is partner in Winkelman en Van Hessen, consultancy for Marketing and Public Relations. In the IFFI Masterclass Markets on 17 March 2017 Ralph will share his broad experience in crisis communication and trust issues.

Are you interested in recovery strategies after a knock down in the food (ingredients) business? Register now for one or more modules by using the online registration forms. A detailed programme and registration forms are available on our website.

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