Prof. Rudy Moenaert about value propositions in practice | 16 March 2017

“Ask yourself when making value propositions ‘who are my lead customers?’ Their demands are way ahead of the average customer. I can recommend the book of Ron Adner titled ‘The wide lens’. It is a path-breaking perspective on innovation about how we need to move from value propositions to value blueprints”, according to Professor Rudy Moenaert during the IFFI dinner meeting Markets 2016. In the upcoming Masterclass Markets Rudy Moenaert will lead the participants in the creation of new value propositions as part of a recovery strategy after a knockdown.

The IFFI Masterclass Markets, scheduled for 16 & 17 March 2017, is dedicated to new value propositions, (re)gaining customer trust and strategic alliances. We look forward to welcome all members and invitees who are interested in pro-active and reactive strategies to recover from a knockdown resulting in commercial and/or operational losses. Don’t miss the opportunity to share and develop strategic insights with colleagues from the food ingredients industry, facilitated by experts from academies and industry-leading businesses.

A detailed programme as well as online registration forms are available on our website.

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