Personalized food & customized ingredients

In addition to sustainability, health is one of the main themes in the food industry. “A society in which each individual has the possibility to make conscious choices in order to follow an eating pattern that exactly matches his/her needs: that’s the future,” says Nard Clabbers of TNO.

“Personalized food is “customized food”: a diet based upon personal characteristics and preferences, like age, sex, weight, disease susceptibility, lifestyle and allergies. It’s not science fiction anymore: sensors for ‘do it yourself’ measurements are getting better and cheaper. “There are activity trackers for your wrist and motion apps for smartphones. Through the human genome project (HGP), the entire human genome has been decrypted since July 2000. Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies rely for a large part of their research efforts on genomic interpretation. I expect it to be possible for everyone to know your personal genetic code in the future, “says Nard Clabbers. (Source:

TNO is – next to Philips, Google Food, Menzis, Albert Heijn, Jumbo, FrieslandCampina, Dutch Spices, PS in foodservice, Noldus Information Technology, SmartWithFood, VitalinQ Lifestyle Support, Sense Health, NIPED and Vital 10 – partner in the Personalized Nutrition and Health consortium. This is a long-term public-private collaboration for fundamental projects within the top sectors of Agri & Food and Lifesciences & Health.

During the IFFI dinner meeting Innovations in Veghel next week, Robert Jan Koens, Director Customer Strategy at Jumbo Supermarkets, and Hille Meetsma, founder of VitalinQ will present the opportunities and challenges of personalized food and customized ingredients.

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