Paul Moers & Food Marketing 3.0 | IFFI dinner meeting 9 February

In the latest model for marketing (Marketing 3.0) as described by world-leading marketing guru Philip Kotler, customers are evolving from consumers to complex, multi-dimensional human beings. These customers are choosing companies and products that satisfy deeper needs for participation, community, and idealism.

During the IFFI dinner meeting on upcoming Thursday, the 9th of February, Paul Moers, marketing strategist pur sang, will explain the impact of Marketing 3.0 on the food (ingredients) industry and the value propositions that make sense, literally and figuratively, in the eyes of todays customers. Food Marketing 3.0 is clearly a popular topic, as evidenced by the large number of registrations for this dinner meeting.

The next morning IFFI members will visit new member Yama Products, a family business that understands taste and has the desire to make a difference to present and future food trends. A team of passionate people will be awaiting the IFFI guests to give them a taste of craftsmanship and flavour. Yama Products is the specialist in Umami, Japanese products, sauces and (technical) ingredients.

For more information on the programme as well as our guest speakers, please visit our website.

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