May we hear your definition of transparency?

If the answer is YES, we look forward to welcome you at the IFFI Ingredients Event 2017 on the 3rd of November in Nijkerk.

During this event the following questions will be leading in presentations and discussions:

  • How much of your products and production process do you need to reveal in order to win and retain the trust of the consumer and the chain partners?
  • How can open innovation and transparent communication contribute to winning and retaining the trust of shareholders?
  • How can you meet higher standards for quality and safety, in a market that is becoming more complex with less frontiers?

Rosanne Hertzberger, keynote speaker and author of ‘In defence of processed foods’ believes that time has come for the industry to share their increasing knowledge in a transparent and trustworthy way in order to stop the smear campaign against food additives in particular and processed foods in general. In an attempt to answer all of the above questions, we can also learn from other markets and situations. That is why we have invited Janneke Eigeman, Team leader Communications at the Royal Dutch Hunters Association, Bert van Son, CEO and owner of MUD Jeans and Francois de Bie, representing the bioplastics industry. After their introductory presentations on markets, operations and innovations, we will give room for angles from different stakeholders in the food industry: consumers by mouth of NGOs, food producers and their suppliers.

EVMI – mediapartner for IFFI – recently interviewed Rosanne Hertzberger, looking forward to her presentation at this event. Please find herewith the interview for EVMI

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