Masterclass Operations 8 & 9 March 2018


Digitalized Operations, Valorised Streams

The IFFI Masterclass Operations is dedicated to digital factories, transparent logistics and valorised side streams. In this Masterclass we touch on the latest developments and technologies adding value to the operations of food ingredients producers. How to turn (un)structured data of a production line into valuable management information? In which way do we need to anticipate to the digitalization of our logistics? And what is the impact on further diversification of the product assortments on operations?

We look forward to welcome all members and invitees who are interested in the smartification of our factories and supply chains, optimizing the efficiency and valorisation of the raw materials, side streams and final ingredients. Don’t miss the opportunity to share and develop strategic insights with colleagues from the food ingredients industry, facilitated by experts from academies and industry-leading businesses.

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Target Group

Managing directors, operational directors, plant managers, supply chain managers, logistics managers, product (group) managers, managers technology, process technologists and QA/QC professionals.


Thursday, 8 March 2018

Location DV Nutrition, Buitenvaart 4023, 7905 TC Hoogeveen, 0528 348 350
12.00 hrs Registration with lunch buffet
13.00 hrs Module 1: Applying smart data in the food industry in practice
Erik Boldingh – Bostec & Maurice Meijers – Axians
14.00 hrs Using data management in whey processing in practice
Marcel Boon – DV Nutrition
Continuous data improvement
Marc van Amersfoort – OnProve online production improvement
15.30 hrs DV Nutrition & DOC Kaas | plant tour
17.00 hrs Fingerfoods & drinks
18.00 hrs Dinner and Pub Quiz | team activity at Hotel de Zon

Friday, 9 March 2018

Location Landgoed Het Laer, Het Laar 2, 7731 AV Ommen, 0529 455 550
09.00 hrs Module 2: Flexible ‘beste before’ dates, extended shelflifes
Rene Haijema – Wageningen University & Research (WUR)
10.30 hrs Break
11.00 hrs Transparent supply chains, sustainable raw materials
Anneleen Veldhuizen – ChainPoint
12.30 hrs Lunch
13.30 hrs Module 3: Stream valorization of potatoes
Vincent Lamberti – AVEBE
14.30 hrs Lunch
15.00 hrs Stream valorization of pigs
Lourens Heres – Darling Ingredients Int.
16.00 hrs Closing of official programme | drinks & snacks

Topics & Guest speakers

Module 1: Digital Factories
Erik Boldingh – Principal Consultant at Boltec
Maurice Meijers – Business Consultant at Axians
Marcel Boon – General Manager at DV Nutrition
Marc van Amersfoort – Managing Director OnProve

“The world is in anticipation of a fourth industrial revolution. This revolution is driven by giant leaps in ICT innovation and promises to radically alter the face of industry in the coming decades. Automated production systems using advanced robotics increasingly communicate with each other on detailed aspects of production, joining up hitherto fragmented manufacturing processes. By linking all steps in the value chain, a world of possibilities opens for companies, old and new” (source: Smart Industry).

In the privacy of the IFFI network participants will be introduced to the potential of new manufacturing technologies in food. How can hardware and software become embedded phenomena in dairy manufacturing 2.0?


Image of Rene Haijema

Transparent Logistics
Rene Haijema – Wageningen University & Research (WUR)
Anneleen Veldhuizen – Business Consultant at ChainPoint

The use of realtime data will also change the nature of food logistics in the very near future. Smart sensors to be installed on food packaging will monitor the cooling conditions of each single food product in the supply chain. And at the same time change the shelflife accordingly. Will realtime data be the ultimate solution to reduce foodwaste at consumer level?

On the other hand ICT innovation in the supply chain will make it possible to manage and share product, process and supplier information, from raw material to finished product. Food logistics will become fully transparent and food products fully traceable. How will software help companies in the food chain to improve quality and sustainability whilst reducing cost and risk?


Image of Lourens Heres Module 3: Stream Valorization
Vincent Lamberti
– Team leader Product Management at AVEBE
Lourens Heres
– Technical Support Manager Blood Products
Darling Ingredients International

Over the years the Dutch food ingredients industry has proven to be able to process and refine raw materials into all kinds of ingredients with different functionalities. Raw materials and side streams have been fully differentiated into wide product assortments allowing each single ingredient to be marketed at an optimal value. However, the downturn effect of differentiation will be an increased complexity in operations implying that production costs will go up! What will be the impact of stream valorization on the production configuration of operations? AVEBE and Darling Ingredients will share their insights and experiences from a product management and development point of view.

Team activity | Pub Quiz

Logo of Bodeco In Uncle Henry’s Pub, located within Hotel de Zon, the Masterclass participants will enjoy a 3-course diner, prepared by Chef Kok Gerhard Müller. The meal will be food for thought as well, as a Pub Quiz will challenge teams of participants to show their general knowledge of versatile subjects and food in particular.


DV Nutrition/DOC Kaas

DOC Kaas is a Dutch independent dairy cooperative focused on the efficient production, maturing and sales of cheese. DOC Kaas supports their customers and suppliers with knowledge, skills and attitude instead of competing with them in the current market. Sustainability and respect are very important in relations with customers, members, employees and the environment. Their motto: “Good For Everyone”.

Address: DV Nutrition/DOC Kaas, Buitenvaart 4023, 7905 TC Hoogeveen, 0528 348 350, route description

Hotel de Zon is located on the southern bank of the Overijsselse Vecht in the old centre of Ommen. Landgoed Het Laer is only 500 meters away. The hotel and the estate are divided by a green strip of meadows and centuries-old trees including a deer camp. In the authenticly decorated English pub you will taste the nostalgic atmosphere of the past. A nice place for an entertaining Pub Quiz and an informal dinner.

Hotel de Zon,
Voorbrug 1, 7731 BB Ommen, route description
Landgoed Het Laer,
Het Laar 2, 7731 AV Ommen

Registration and accommodation

The IFFI Masterclass programme includes dinner and drinks and excludes eventual accommodation costs. Participation costs for non-members are € 950,– excluding VAT. Participation costs for IFFI colleagues are covered by the membership fee. However, for cancellation of participation after 1st of March we will charge you € 300,–. IFFI can arrange a hotel room for you at Hotel de Zon, comfort rooms including breakfast will cost € 67,50).

Please use the online registration forms below to register for one or both days and to request a hotel room. Please note that in case of hotel cancellations later than 7 days in advance of your stay, we are forced to charge you 100%.

Please register by using the registration forms below.

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