Masterclass Operations 7 & 8 December 2017

The IFFI Masterclass ‘Chain reaction’ is scheduled for 7 & 8 December 2017. We look forward to welcome all members and invitees who are interested in profitable value chains in relation to transparency and sustainability requirements. Share insights with experts from academies and industry-leading businesses as well as colleagues from the food (ingredients) industry.

Target Group

Supply chain managers, operation and/or production managers, managers logistics, process engineers and plant managers are invited to participate in this Masterclass Operations.

Preliminary programme

Module 1: Digital chains

Well-thought logistics as part of the company strategy is essential for success in the online consumer market. By understanding the profit profiles of their customers and products, companies can tailor a more profitable supply chain strategy to each of them and thus increase the overall profitability of their portfolios. The creation of successful alliances is essential, as is the use of ICT for the planning and control of the value chain. Ultimately it is all about the actual implementation of innovations in the value chain for online business.

Module 2: Transparent factories

The history of Yakult dates back to the 1930s when scientist Dr Minoru Shirota selected and cultivated the Lactobacillus casei Shirota bacteria. In 1935, Dr Shirota produced the first glass bottles of Yakult. Now, many years later, Yakult factories throughout the world continue to produce Yakult in its iconic little bottle. Did you know that our little bottle is the same everywhere in the world? Consumers who like to know more about how Yakult is produced are welcome to visit he factory in Almere. The factory receives more than 10.000 visitors a year.

Module 3: Sustainable materials

Sustainability is gaining strength through greater transparency. But only if transparency has a purpose; Organizations releasing large amounts of data is positive, but in itself it has no value. It is the underlying intention to present the data that counts. Too much transparency can do an organization also harm. Competitiveness is undermined or interests of certain stakeholders are affected by it. Consistency is key in word but also in behaviour.

Team activity: to be defined

Programme, Location & Registration

Programme and location details will be available soon, as well as online registration facilities.

December 7, 2017 - December 8, 2017

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