Ingredients exposed – 3 November 2017

In an interview for Kennedy’s Bakery Production Pieter Spanjers, CEO of Unicorn Grain Specialties, explains that each day over 150 million individuals worldwide eat products in which his company is involved. He furthermore explains that the company has embraced the functional qualities that grains, seeds and legumes have to offer. “We are the specialist in processing these natural raw materials into versatile applications in the food, eco/organic, health-conscious and traditional food markets. Unicorn’s goal is to put more passion and expertise into enriching our ingredients every day, and to contribute substantively to realising a sustainable food chain.”
For the complete article, please follow this link.

Like Unicorn Grain Specialties, all food ingredient companies within our network deal with challenges in sustainability and transparency in order to contribute to healthy nutrition and a healthy environment. That is why this year’s IFFI Ingredients Event is dedicated to Transparency in Marketing/Sales, Innovations and Operations. Experts from the food, textile and plastic industries, manufacturers and retailers, NGO’s and opinion leaders like Rosanne Hertzberger are looking forward to discuss the do’s and don’ts, the opportunities and threats of transparency within the entire food chain.

Join us on 3rd of November at the Salentein estate in Nijkerk! Please use the online form to register. More information is available on the IFFI website.

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