IFFI Event ‘Ingredients Exposed’– 3 November 2017

IFFI Ingredients Event 2017

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Ingredients exposed

As a result of globalization and the integration of production chains, managing food safety, quality and integrity within this global framework is complex. Producers of food ingredients therefore invest widely in traceability, in optimizing chain collaboration and increasing food safety and quality; merely by making use of new production methods, technologies and science. But investing in communication is at least as important in this story. Michiel Peereboom, moderator and cabaret performer, will challenge speakers and the audience to answer the overall question: Is transparency the key to gaining and retaining the trust of consumers and chain partners?

During the IFFI Ingredients Event 2017, the following questions will be leading:

  • How much of your products and production process do you need to reveal in order to win and retain the trust of the consumer and the chain partners?
  • How can open innovation and transparent communication contribute to winning and retaining the trust of shareholders?
  • What is your definition of transparency?
  • How can you meet higher standards for quality and safety, in a market that is becoming more complex with less frontiers?
  • How are you able to distinguish yourself on sustainability and responsible entrepreneurship, when these terms are becoming more and more generic?
  • And last but not least: can we feed the world population in 2050 without using additives and preservatives that are seemingly contrary to pure, healthy and transparent food products?

Rosanne Hertzberger, keynote speaker and author of ‘In defence of processed foods’ questions the relevance of a future without food additives, describing the enormous impact that chemistry has on our food production in terms of improving our health and prosperity, the environment and women’s emancipation. In an attempt to answer all of the above questions, we can also learn from other markets and situations. That is why we have invited Janneke Eigeman, Team leader Communications at the Royal Dutch Hunters Association and Francois de Bie, representing the bioplastics industry. After their introductory presentations on markets, operations and innovations, we will give room for angles from different stakeholders in the food industry: consumers by mouth of NGOs, food producers and their suppliers.

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For programme details including a timeschedule, information on guest speakers and the location as well as the online registration form please use the hyperlinks to the specific webpages or the buttons on top. Updates on topics, guest speakers and programme details will be shared on our website, in e-malings, via social media channels and with the help of our mediapartner EVMI


mediapartner IFFI Ingredients Event 2017

Impression first IFFI Ingredients Event 2015

To give you an impression of this bi-annual event, we have selected some photos of our first event in 2015 ‘Glocal: think global, act local’. In addition the highlights of our first successful meeting are covered in the EVMI article here.

November 3, 2017: 9:00 am - 5:30 pm

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